Photo & Video Booth Hire

This document contains the terms and conditions of your hire. Please read it carefully.
1. The person(s) or company hiring the photobooth will be known as “you”, the “client” or “client’s”.
2. Gigglebox Leeds will be known as the “company” or “company’s”.
3. All the equipment that makes up the hire shall be known as the “photobooth” or “photobooth’s”.
4. A non-refundable fee must be paid prior to any booking being accepted and will be known as the “deposit”.
5. The fee minus the deposit will be known as the “balance”.
6. The event and the date the client is booking the photobooth for will be known as the “event” or “event’s”.
1. When you make a request to book a photobooth with the company, whether by email or telephone or any other form of communication, the company will assume you have read these terms and conditions. Please therefore make sure you fully understand this document. If you have any doubts, please ask.
2. When you book a photobooth and pay a deposit to the company, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted theses terms and conditions in their entirety and will be bound by them.
3. These terms and conditions form a contract between the client and the company and should be considered exactly the same as if you had them on paper in front of you.
4. These terms and conditions are available on your request via email, so you may keep a copy if you wish.
5. The company may at its discretion change these terms and conditions from time to time. If they change between you booking your event and your event date, the company will honour the terms and conditions in force at the time you booked your event or, if the new terms and conditions favour you, apply those to ensure you are not disadvantaged in any way.
6. Gigglebox Leeds is a registered trade mark and may not be used without the owners express permission in writing.
7. Any dispute will be settled according to English law.
8. The client agrees email may be used as a communications medium.
1. A contact form is offered on the company website and it is recommended the client completes it fully. It provides the company with all the information it needs to provide an accurate quotation.
2. A quotation may also be requested by telephone.
3. In all cases, any special conditions or requirements should be notified to the company via the 'contact us' form before the quotation is prepared. This may include such things as early set-up, extended coverage or difficult access, particularly if the venue is not on the ground floor. But please include anything you think is relevant in the “additional information” box.
4. A quotation will be maintained for 7 days from its preparation and the company reserves the right to amend it after the 7 days have expired.
5. Quotations are complete for the hire of the photobooth. There are no extras or additional charges. The price the client gets is the price the client pays. However, please see the Photobooth section regarding parking.
6. No booking fee is required for a quotation and they are free of charge.
7. When you request a date to book one of  our photobooths, the company will require a £100 deposit. .
8. No booking is confirmed until the deposit is received by the company. Bookings will be confirmed in writing (this may be via email, text, messenger etc.)
9. The fee balance must be paid to the company a minimum of 30 days prior to the client’s event date.
10. If the booking is 30 days or less to the client’s event date, the company requires payment in full.
11. Where the full fees have not been received by the company by the due date, or as otherwise arranged, the company reserves the right not to attend the client’s event and the full fee remains payable.
1. While every effort will be made to provide the required service, the company will not be held responsible for conditions outside of its control. The conditions may include (but not exclusively), traffic hold-ups, power cuts, vehicle or photobooth failure or other unforeseen causes.
2. In the case of photobooth failure, you will be offered a pro rata refund for the time we fail to provide. Alternatively, at our discretion and with the client’s agreement, we may offer to continue the hire period at your event to make up for the time lost.
3. In all cases, any refund will never exceed the fee paid for the hire.
4. The company will never be held responsible for subsequent losses. If the client feels that is a risk, the client should arrange suitable insurance at the clients own expense.
5. Any delay caused by the client, will be considered to be part of the hire period and no extension or refund will be offered or given.
6. The company’s staff member must have access to the venue at least 1hr 30mins before you wish your event photobooth to start operation. In the cases where it is deemed assistance is required, an able bodied person must be available at that time to assist in the unloading and carrying to the required site. If as a failure to provide such assistance, the photobooth starts late, it will be considered it is the clients failure to comply with this contact and no extension will be offered – as in clause 5 above.
7. Video messaging is offered but it should be noted, we often work in very noisy environments and it’s quite possible, some video messages could be drowned out by ambient noise. Our video microphone is sensitive and will pick up all the associated noise. Excessive levels of noise may cause distortion. We cannot be held responsible for any noise levels outside our control.
1.The company will endeavour to provide the photobooth the client has booked, but reserves the right to substitute the photobooth for an equivalent or better photobooth should operational conditions dictate.
2.The company requires the client to provide a clear space of 3m x 2m x 2.1m  (Length x Width x Height).
3. The space must be indoors, on a level floor and no liquid within a reasonable area (liquids and electronics don’t mix well).
4. There must be a 13amp power socket available within 5m of the photobooth and in an area where the cable would not cause danger to our staff, the client, the clients guests or other personal that may be at the event.
5. Once the site has been agreed with the company’s staff member and the photobooth erected, the photobooth will not be subsequently moved.
6. No food or drink is allowed in the photobooth.
7. The staff member operating the photobooth on behalf of the company, shall have the right to refuse entry to anyone considered a danger to themselves, to others, the photobooth equipment  or refusing to comply with clause 6 in this section.
8. The company retains the right to refuse or discontinue operation at an event, if in the opinion of the staff member, it is impracticable or a danger to themselves or others.
9. Providing the client has not notified the company of any special circumstances (which could include, but not exclusively, steep stairs, excessive loading distances, physical obstructions), the client will be deemed to be in breach of contract and the event cancelled and no refund will be offered or given.
10. It is the clients responsibility to provide (if necessary paid for) parking close to where the photobooth is being erected, but in any case, within 50m.
11. If the container has to go upstairs, a working lift should be available or available help to the staff member, as it would have to be taken up in sections and he/she would need assistance.
12. The client is responsible for any damage or losses to the photobooth.
13. The client is responsible for suitable security.
14. The company’s photobooths have been risk assessed and are considered to be low risk. Therefore the client is responsible for any health and safety issues at the event.
15. All the company’s photobooths  do not need a PAT certificate at the time of writing this document.
1.The company carries public liability insurance. The insurance certificate is available for inspection on request.
2. The company will not accept any liability for personal injury or personal property loss as a result of use of the company’s photobooth.
1. In the UK, there is a statutory right to cancellation. This allows the client to cancel without penalty within 7 days of booking.
2. After 7 days, the client will loose the deposit paid.
3. If the client cancel within 8 weeks of the event, the client will be liable for 25% of the total fee.
4. If the client cancel within 6 weeks of the event, the client will be liable for 50% of the total fee.
5. If the client cancel within 4 weeks of the event, the client will be liable for 75% of the total fee.
6. If the client cancel within 2 weeks of the event, the client will be liable for 100% of the total fee.
7. If the booking is within 7 days of the event, these conditions do not apply and there is no option to cancel.
8. Event date changes are deemed to be a cancellation of the original contract and are subject to renegotiation. The charges as above will apply.
1 The client should understand the following: all persons using the company’s photobooth at the clients event give copyright to the company and any images may be used by the company as they see fit, including social media. 
2. The company offers a Facebook gallery, but client’s may opt out of this if they wish without penalty.
1 If anything in these terms contradict English law or the clients statutory rights, then English law will take precedent. However, the remainder of these terms will still form the rest of the client’s and the company’s joint contract.



Please read our Terms & Conditions of hire.